When you think of income, you probably mean wages from a job. However, working harder is not likely to make you rich. Wealthy people know that multiplying your income streams is one of the best ways to significantly expand your income. Diversify your revenue just as investors diversify their portfolios. Keep your job, and maximize your wages with bonuses and promotions—but set aside some of your earnings to invest. Here are three ways.

Rental Properties

Real estate tends to be a good way to grow your assets. Flipping properties can become a lucrative business. Yet real estate can also be one of the best ways to create a passive income stream. Some areas, such as Dallas with homes for sale McKinney, are experiencing tremendous growth in rental prices. You do not have to move there or deal with the hassles of being a landlord; just invest the money and have property managers Dallas handle the details for you. Investing in luxury real estate Dallas can help build your portfolio and provide an ideal source of reliable income.

Side Businesses

Use your education and experience to start a side business. Specialists are always in demand as consultants or advisors. Get a few clients and begin establishing a good reputation, then you can train employees to do the work. The business will benefit clients by providing valuable service, the community by providing employment, and you by creating an additional income stream. Other ways to profit from your hard-earned knowledge include blogging, publishing manuals or releasing an e-book. Think you don’t have the expertise to start a side gig? Think again. You may need to invest some time as well as some money, but you can turn just about any hobby, interest or skill into a profitable business.

Interests in Other Companies

You may not be interested in creating a firm of your own, but that does not mean you cannot benefit from another business. Simply find a fledgling firm with a solid business model and a lot of potential, then invest in it. You can invest for an equity share or offer a bond which they will payback. If you prefer not to research companies in depth, opt for lending rather than investing. Peer-to-peer lending sites can tailor your choices to match whatever criteria you specify. Interest rates vary according to risk factors so you can be as aggressive or cautious as you like. Standard agreements offer payback periods of three to five years, providing steady monthly income and an opportunity to reinvest often.