Any bike rider you find, they will tell you how much of a part their bike is of their daily life. Hence, you can guess how hard it is to stay away from a bike when there is no other option available. The one reason that keeps repeating itself is monsoons. Monsoons make roads trickier to ride bikes on. Moreover, parking your bike for a long time during the monsoons can also have a bad effect on the vehicle.

Usually, people in India simply let their bike rest in their open parking area or their garage. Not using the bike during monsoons means that you will not be staring the bike for months. Regardless of whether it is for an important reason or not, not starting your bike for a long time can lead to a lot of problems. This also means that you could’ve missed your bike insurance renewal, but more on that later.

In the case that you belong to this category of people, here are few tips you can use to restart your bike in after the monsoons.

  • Check the bike’s battery

When you keep your bike inactive for so long, it is likely that its battery might not respond to your ignition key. If the battery does not respond, the bike will not start. In the case that it does manage to start the bike, the bike will not be in the best shape to be used. This is a risk to the bike as you would end up overworking it and a risk to your well-being. Hence, you should get your bike’s battery checked before you use the bike. It either might need some recharging or you would have to buy a new one. In the case of the latter, ensure that the battery you buy is from a reputed manufacturer.

  • Rusting

Depending on the amount of time that the bike hasn’t been used and the weather conditions that it was parked in for that long, the bike might show some rusting. Rusting is an even bigger problems when it comes to a bike. Rust in parts like the fuel tank, engine, etc. can be very dangerous. It is important to remember that rusting can happen on the outer and the inner layers of a bike. Hence, you should get it checked by a reliable mechanic.

  • Fluids

Fluids of the bike make sure the bike runs smoother and better. Hence, when your bike stays inactive for a long time, you might have to check fluids like the bike’s engine oil. The engine oil needs to be regularly checked and changed if necessary. Similarly, the chain needs to be checked and lubricated. Any bike that has been parked in a garage for a long time might be prone to a lot of issues related to the fluids of the vehicle. Hence, it better to replenish the fluids to make sure your bike restarts safely and easily.

While these are some tips that will help you have a smooth restart, do not forget to keep an eye on the insurance policy. Most people miss out on bike insurance renewal and end up paying fines when checked by traffic officials. Moreover, the risk it poses to the rider is different. Thus, make sure to renew your two wheeler insurance online before taking it out for a spin. When it comes to choosing insurance coverage, tolls like the two wheeler insurance premium calculator can come handy wherein the features can be compared amongst insurance companies as well as its impact on the premium. Also note that insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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