When you think of luxury homes, size matters, and not just in the square footage of the property. Every detail must be scaled to reflect the opulence of the space. Consider some of the following ideas to showcase high-end properties.


Unless your view is already gorgeous natural hills like those found surrounding luxury homes for sale San Antonio, you will probably want to hire a landscape architect to help you create an inviting outdoor living space that highlights the elements already available to you. Whether you choose gazebos, fountains or a profusion of flowers, the outdoor part of your property is an extension of your home and should be treated with the same care as the inside.


Luxury homes generally have large rooms and so should be filled with grand furniture designed to fit the space. Whether you purchased luxury real estate San Antonio and envision a cowboy chic style, or live in a New England Victorian filled with antiques, your house is still a home and all furniture needs to be comfortable and livable. Look for luxe details when picking out furniture such as exotic wood or bespoke elements that fit your lifestyle.


Everyone likes different styles of art, and that’s okay. The importance of choosing art for your home isn’t a matter of style as much as it is quality and scale. If you have a blank wall that you’re unsure how to decorate, consider having a mural installed instead of a framed picture that highlights local flora and fauna or a scene from history. Murals or other wall coverings like tile can be hand-painted or custom manufactured after working with a design consultant.


The key to lighting large rooms is layering so that each light performs a different task. Large rooms could be anchored by an elegant showpiece chandelier or beautifully placed recess lighting. In addition, lamps made from porcelain, crystal, metal or other luxury items should warm up dark corners and invite readers to snuggle into cozy chairs. Task lighting has a specific job, so think about what you want the light to do. Do you need bright light to pay bills or to cook by? Is there a specific work of art that needs to be illuminated to be admired? How about a light to show the way up the stairs?

Houses come in all shapes and sizes, and luxury houses have specific needs to highlight their beauty and their space. Knowing how to transform a large house into a well-appointed and comfortable home is all about the proportion of the pieces that you use to decorate it both inside and out.