Maharashtra had only one electricity board – Maharashtra State Electricity Board or MSEB. After the enactment of the Electricity Act of 2003, the company was unbundled into 4 parts – MSEB Holding Company. Mhapareshan or Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission Company Limited (MSETCL) is responsible for the transmission of power. Mahanirmiti or Maharashtra State Power Generation Company Limited (MSGPCL) oversees the generation of power. Another part is the MSEB Holding Company Limited. However, the most popular one is the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) or Mahavitaran.

Mahavitaran or MSEDCL, also termed as Mahadiscom, is a public sector undertaking and is controlled by the Government of Maharashtra. This company is the largest distribution utility in India and is the second largest in Asia, which provides electricity to almost the entire state. The company provides electricity to about 25 million customers – 72.4% domestic, 16% agricultural, 7% commercial and 1.8% industrial customers, helping the company generate about Rs. 500 million in revenues. If you are a customer of MSEDCL, you can complete MSEB bill payment through the Airtel Payments Bank website for convenience.

However, there are some parts of Mumbai which are served by other electricity companies – Brihanmumbai Electric Supply, which originally started out as a tramway company, Adani Electricity Mumbai Limited and Tata Power. Brihanmumbai is also known as Bombay Electric Supply & Transport. Torrent Power also became the first instance of electricity distribution being offered as a franchise model as the company takes care of electric supply in Bhiwandi. CESC offers electricity supply in Malegaon.

Now, every customer being serviced by these companies need to pay bills. Paying electric bills through online mediums is not only easy, but it has been a boon during the pandemic. Also, Airtel Payments Bank offers several discounts and offers if you pay through the platform. Navigating through its website is very simple. The various services offered by the company are listed right at the top of the website.

How to pay bills to your electricity distribution company?

If you want to pay electricity bills in Maharashtra, you need to follow a few simple steps. You will find the ‘Electricity Bill’ option at the top. You need to click on it. As soon as you do that, you will find a section opening on the left, asking for your state and the electricity distribution company that caters to you. In the middle of the page, you will find several cashback offers. It would prove helpful if you create an account to take advantage of these cashback offers. You can even find the last transactions and bill payments you have made through the website if you are logged in.

To proceed with MSEB bill payment or payments to other companies, you need to select the state as Maharashtra. When you do that, you will find another option pop up that advises you to select your distribution company. When you do that, you will find one or two more options pop that ask for your consumer number and place. When you enter the proper data, you will be able to fetch your bill. Then you can select the proper channels of payment, add the offers and then pay your bills.

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The Airtel Payments Bank website has made electricity bill payment a hassle-free experience.