With the pandemic draining people off their savings and causing financial crunch due to layoffs and unemployment resulting from a change in the way manufacturers and business entities are working, there are few alternative careers you can embrace to fill in the gap. The best part is that you do not have to be rocket scientists to perform your duties for these alternative careers.

All you have to do is invest sometime according to your convenience. These are flexible jobs, and you can either take it on as a part-time engagement or full-time work. Let us find out a few of the trending posts that are doing rounds during the Covid-19 catastrophe.

Explore Options for Passive Income

Check out these careers below that you can try your luck at. These are the best and tried methods by which you can make money online, and these jobs have helped many to wriggle out of a difficult financial condition.

Publish How-to Videos online

YouTube has changed how you can reach out to your prospective audience. If you have a small, medium, or large-sized business, you can promote your products and services.

One of the best ways to earn proceeds from passive income online is to select a niche of your choice.

You can choose a subject that you are confident in. It can range from DIY techniques for plumbing work, fixing cars, preparing recipes, offering advice for home remedies for an ailment, or just about anything that you can think about under the sun. However, you must be confident about what you are saying and doing, keeping in mind that these techniques are tested and proven.

And how will you earn the profits? Ask your visitors to subscribe to your channel or to make a small payment to access your video. There are instances when people have made several thousands of dollars as profits by selecting this avenue of income.


You can work as a freelance copywriter. This industry offers opportunities galore. If you have the ability to play with your words, you can approach any firm that hires freelancers and mail your samples for approval. Upon approval, you can start writing advertising messages for the product that you have been asked to write for.

This industry pays well and if you can prove yourself, your half battle is already won. As a freelancer, you can either ask for an amount as per market rates or find out how much the company pays for their freelancing team.

Online tutorial classes 

Now that the pandemic has forced schools and educational institutions to shut down indefinitely or at least till the time things do not normalize again, you can help students by offering your teaching expertise in the subject you are skilled in.

Many teachers around the globe are doing just that and in exchange you can charge fees for the same. Remember, the greater number of students you will be able to reach out to, the better it is.

SEO assistance

With the pandemic, most of the businesses are diversifying from their brick and mortar offices to virtual markets. And for this reason, every business will want to become visible online. If you have expertise in SEO, you can help your clients’ websites rank higher and in turn make opportunities for them to earn bigger profits. In return, you take your fees for extending SEO help.

The jobs mentioned above can be carried out from the comfort of your home and even if you are on the move. All you need is a stable internet connectivity and a device.

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