Global Solution Review

Global Solution specializes in online trading, and it offers a personalized trading experience by using modern tools, a brand-new platform, and other attractive features.

One of the greatest advantages of trading with Global Solution is that everything is explained to you in simple terms. This way, even beginners can have an easy time with the markets. Also, all it requires to get started is as little as $250, which makes the broker affordable for a large audience of traders. There is customized education and guidance offered, and that’s why we decided to discuss the top trading benefits in this review.

markets covered by Global Solution

Global Solution CFD assets

The motto of the brand is “together for a better financial future” and that can’t be achieved with  a small and limited list of assets. Narrowing your vision is the last thing that Global Solution aims to do, so the broker goes all out to cover a wide range of instruments, including:

  • Forex
  • Commodities
  • Stocks
  • Indices
  • Digital currencies (crypto).

Even if you have never had any contact with these assets before, Global Solution helps you learn to invest and trade via a series of resources available on its website.

Global Solution WebTrader

In order to boost the user experience, Global Solution WebTrader has been designed. The whole trading processes is simplified thanks to functions, tools, charts, and updated prices. Based on the broker’s claims, this platform can offer the optimal trading environment, especially for beginners.

Global Solution WebTrader

On top of the numerous benefits integrated, the platform is available in multiple languages, not just in English. The WebTrader is capable of handling complex trading strategies, if and when traders wish to apply them. Flexibility should also be mentioned, since WebTrader is compatible with all devices and can be accessed via a browser.

A generous account offering

Aware of the rising interest in online trading globally, Global Solution does its best to address its potential audience with a generous account offering. There are no less than 7 accounts available (Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Black), each of them providing access to competitive trading terms.

Starting with the Basic account: This is the most affordable account on the table ($250 minimum deposit required), but there are limitations in terms of the number of assets available to trade, market signals, and other premium benefits.

An account upgrade can unlock access to premium benefits like access to the event room, video courses, wealth management, and many more. This can be done with a deposit, using the payment solutions covered by the broker (credit card, wire transfer, and Bitcoin).

Global Solution logo

What can be concluded about Global Solution?

Global Solution keeps its finger on the pulse, and the trading conditions that are presented on its website are tailored for the current market framework. You can use professional tools to trade a wide range of markets, backed by the proprietary trading platform.

No trader is left behind because Global Solution employs professional customer support, and can provide trading guidance via educational resources.

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