It has become the dream job of many young people to become a successful trader in the Forex industry. This currency exchange market is highly volatile, and because of the volatility, one can earn money quickly from this business world. Many people don’t understand what they should do to become a professional, and many think it is quite hard to be a trader.

Honestly, it is indeed a challenging platform to work in. Still, if you have the ability to handle any situation and can tolerate the losses, then everything will become easier for you over time. Beginners, soon after joining here, become either too greedy or too scared to start trading. This is a barrier to becoming a successful trader. Here, we will help newbies by providing them a guide to improving their trading careers.

Start a Forex trading career today

We will have a very concise discussion in this post so that you can learn a lot of things within a short period. We will begin our discussion assuming that the reader has a basic idea about the following terminologies –

  • Market types (bearish trend, bullish trend, sideways movement)
  • Resistance and support level
  • Trading styles (day trade, scalping, position, and swing trading, etc.)
  • Demo account
  • Business strategy or plan
  • Risk management techniques (stop-loss, take-profit limit, risk: reward ratio, trade or volume or position size, etc.)
  • Analysis (fundamental and technical analysis)
  • Indicators, and so on

If you have a good idea about them, then let’s proceed.

1.      Open an account and deposit some money

This is the first step to start a CFD business. A newbie has to open a trading account and deposit some money. Many of them ask whether they need money to open an account. But the great news is that nobody needs to pay a penny at this stage. But soon after opening one, individuals should deposit money so that they can start to trade. But try to trade with Saxo Hong Kong since they provide the best possible environment to trade. Never take trades with an unregulated broker as it can ruin your performance.

2.      Find a good broker

This is an important step. The industry is full of scams and fake brokers who are sitting there to catch prey. To stay safe from them, you can research them in detail. The commission fees or spreads, previous performance, feedback, and histories must be checked before hiring one. Don’t fall for the offers and bonuses because these are traps. Besides, a good broker won’t make the deposition and transaction processes painful.

3.      Develop a business strategy and choose a style

Before developing a plan, we recommend you knowing your psychological state first. One should develop the strategy in such a way so that it fits him psychologically. At the same time, the trader should find a suitable business style for himself. He can go for a higher timeframe or can trade with a lower timeframe. But things must be psychologically comfortable. During the development, the rookies must study a lot to identify the possible risks and weaknesses. In addition, they should also include ways to minimize the losses during a market failure.

4.      Know the risk tolerance limit

It is a must for every investor. People don’t set their tolerance limit because they only focus on making money. It is recommended to quantify the risk before entering a trade. Quantifying the risk means the amount of risk that a trader is willing to take. Never set a limit that you can’t tolerate because it is quite hard to predict the fluctuations of the chart. A popular risk quantifying tool is the stop-loss limit. It can save an investor from losing a massive position of their investment during a bearish trend.

This is the guide to starting a career in the Forex platform. You can follow this simple guide to start your journey as an FX trader.


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