Do you need money at this moment but don’t know whom to trust? You don’t want to tell your problem to the lenders and also scared of paying high-interest rates? Are you stressed that a Private organization might charge you twice or thrice of the actual payment? No worries because now you have a secure private money lender in Singapore, from whom you can take a loan whenever you want that too with a meager interest rate. Now you must be eager to know in detail. So relax and visite crawfort homepage for executives to help you. Here is brief information about how you can get help from this or what services do you get. Continue reading for all the information.

Crawfort is the most reputed money lender in Singapore. Apart from being reputed and growing, it is a legal office. Crawfort guarantees you about no fraud because it has a license to lend money. It is private but a very much trusted and secure lender. And the best part is that everything about this loan has digitalization because taking a mortgage is a job that needs a lot of going here and there, tons of paperwork, etc. You can understand what pressure someone has when they apply for a loan, and there’s no point in putting another load on them. Also, everything in this generation everything seeks modernization, so because of all these reasons here, the loan facilities and formalities are digital.

Types Of Loan Services

  • Personal Loan

Personal loans seem hard to return. Doesn’t it? But there’s something else that is harder than anything. Yes, telling the other person why you are taking this personal loan. You can now get a loan from this private money lender and keep your issue Still secret. You read it right, none will ask you about the particular problem you are going through. It could be your kid’s school fee, or your credit card bill, or anything, and you don’t need to feel awkward to share your reason. Fill your form and get your cash.

  • SME Business Loan

Business always requires a considerable amount of money to develop its system, production, and marketing. Especially when it comes to local SME businesses, extra funds are a must for every owner because there is always a problem of cash flow going on. With the growing demand for products in a market, the pressure on the business owner increases. More production means more material and more employees, and to do all these, they need an extra fund to be ready within a minute. And what could be better than this when you need instant funds? Most comfortable and straightforward to apply for the loan. Fewer interests and legalization, everything is in the grip of your hand.

  • Payday Loan

Uncertain things keep occurring in everyone’s life, but sometimes people don’t an option to recover the situation. You have had that situation at least once in your life where you need instant cash because you’re running out of the amount you need at that moment. You have got nothing in your pocket, and you will not get anything until the next month. That panicking is dangerous, but now you don’t have to worry anymore because Crawford presents the fast payday loan option that gets you cash as per your need instantly at the possible time soon.

Loan procedure

Getting a loan has become quick and easy with Crawfort. All you have to do is to visit crawfort home page and the rest of the process given below

  • Application

Apply for the loan within a minute or less. Click on apply now. You will see a form. Fill the form with your name, contact details, loan amount, and everything required, submit the form.

  • Loan Approval

As soon as the loan officer receives your application form, he will call you to confirm your loan details and notify you.

  • Payment

Once the loan officer gives confirmation, you can collect your loan amount in cash on cheque direct from the office.

Reasons that make Crawfort better than any other private lenders

  • Legal

Since it is a licensed moneylender, crawfort always has this assurance to customers that they will never get fooled by the company. They are under Singapore’s money lender’s act and other legal provisions.

  • Security

Whatever a customer requires or their objectives or their financial stability, loan professionals always verify all the information about each customer that applied for a loan.

  • Privacy

Crawfort makes sure their customers get what they need, no matter for which loan they have involved. It could be a payday loan or a loan every month. You will always get money as per your needs.

  • Decision Making

Taking a mortgage is a big decision, and crawfort doesn’t want its customers to choose anything like a plan. You get legal, financial advice that informs you more about loans and their interests. It helps you select the best plan for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What happens when someone cannot pay the money on the last date?

According to the money lending activities, if someone is not able to pay money on time, they will have to pay additional charges worth 60 dollars per month.

  1. Does crawfort highers interest rate from time to time?

Since crawfort is a licensed moneylender, it cannot make any changes in payments and interests; and no legalized money lender can charge above 4% interest rates.

  1. Is it safe to take a loan from this private money lender?

Crawfort distributed loan plans to over 2lakhs customers since 2011. With every passing day, it is growing its customer count. It has got Singapore prestigious brand award for being the most promising brand in 2011. So it is the safest option to choose in Singapore.


Crawfort has everything a customer seeks. From security policies to understanding customer’s privacy and urgency, it has won the trust of clients. Whenever you need funds, every square foot of Singapore will tell you to visit the official website of crawfort.